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    Very Basic Q - create a chart


      Hi all..


      Am REALLY bad with charts, somehow i cant understand how they work.. :/

      I have 6 fields values that i want to show in a Line chart, just have no clue how :/


      Fields are:


      "Period 1"  ->  "Total Cost 1"

      "Period 2"  ->  "Total Cost 2"

      "Period 3"  ->  "Total Cost 3"


      Can anyone help me out on this, what am guessing is a really simply task ? =)

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          Here's a great guide to charting in FileMaker.

          In-Depth: Charting

          Its not incredibly easy to get started, but once you figure it out, you'll be able to create charts easily moving forward.


          A line chart shows change in data over time (I taught that concept when I was a 5th grade math teacher).

          So each line is a separate series of data: Apple sales, pear sales, banana sales, etc over a certain time period (months, days, etc). The time period would be plotted on the graph in the x-axis.


          Your line chart data would need to be, for example, a total of the apple sales for each time period you wish to show on your graph in the x-axis. I'm not quite sure which field would show that from your list of fields.


          Can you give us a little more information about what you want to show on the graph? And maybe some sample data?



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            Hi Jeremy


            I have read that guide, i get the whys and whats etc.. just that in my case i have it hard to take it to practice :/

            My problem is that Y axis is flexible with several series. but thats not possible for the Y Axis ..

            and since i have 3 periods fields and 3 total COSTs fields i cant get it to work :/


            Am sure there is some way around that. =)

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              You mention that your Y axis is flexible with several series. Does that mean sometimes you have 3 series and sometimes you have 7 series to display? And could the order of those change?


              I wrote a blog post about this awhile back. I have a demo file as well that I really need to attach to the post.

              Would that be helpful?

              Dynamic Charting in FileMaker - Soliant Consulting


              Can you post some sample data and possible series?

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                its pritty simple.. Unit is choosen, and what Period..

                Unit = "1000"

                Period = 2016-03


                I set 3 fields with values: (the choosen period and 2 periods behind)

                Period1 = "2016-01"

                Period2 = "2016-02"

                Period3 = "2016-03"


                And then i calculate the total Costs for each.

                Period1Cost = "10000" (series1)

                Period2Cost = "15000" (Series2)

                Period3Cost = "7500" (Series3)


                Then i want to make this into a line graph.. thats the tricky part :/ since i cant manually change the X axis.. and can only use one value..

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                  Hmm. I apologize if I'm not following.

                  It seems you're setting up a chart to be dynamic based on what the users chose. I infer a script runs to set the 3 period fields and 3 costs fields.


                  Again, I may not be following, but it seems like the Cost fields are actually one set of data. If those fields are holding the total costs for each period defined above, then it is the same series but different points on the graph.


                  My demo file here shows the periods across the x-axis and the total cost for each period in the line, plotted correctly.


                  Is that what you're after?



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                    Thats exaclly what am looking for =D

                    Had no idee i could use List(Field1, Field2, Field3) like that =D


                    Super !!! thank you !! =)

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                      I'm glad it worked for you.

                      Make sure that the chart is set to "Current Record (delimited list)". This will ensure that the data passed into it is a list.


                      Otherwise, using 'current record' as the Source, you'd have to point to a field that contains the list of data.