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    how to get the number of a randomly generated repetition ?


      Hello everyone,

      I have:

      - FIELD1: container field with 12 repetitions, each with a different image stored.

      - FIELD2: calculated repeating container field with 12 repetitions which is GetRepetition (FIELD1; Int (12 * Random) + 1)

      - FIELD3: number field with 12 repetitions

      Every time a button is clicked, FIELD2 shows a new randomly generated sequence of the images of FIELD1.

      Now the question is:

      I need to have in FIELD3 the number representing the corresponding randomly calculated repetition.

      For example if FIELD2 (repetition 1) shows the image stored in FIELD1 (repetition 5), then FIELD3 (repetition 1) should be 5.

      Thank you for any advice,