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Value list relationship broken when second field has parenthesis?

Question asked by bigtom on Mar 24, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2016 by tsplatypus

I ran across something odd. I am not sure if this is a known behavior or if this is a bug of some kind.


Using a simple relationship of Table1::IDfk = Table2::IDpk and a value list that is Table2::IDpk, showing second field Table2::Name that is used for Table1::IDfk I get a broken value list relationship when the original Table2::Name field is edited inside of "()".


This is to say that if Table2::Name has a field that contains "National Basketball Association" and you make a change to the Name field to ""National Basketball Assoc.", "Ntnl Bball Assoc", "National Basketball Association", or "NBA" these changes immediately are seen in the pop-up for Table1::IDfk. If the original Name field was "National Basketball Association (N.B.A.)" and you change to "National Basketball Association (NBA)", removing the ".", or any other change that removes a character from inside the () something breaks and the UUID from the first field of the value list is shown for that record in the pop-up for Table1::IDfk. Adding characters does not seen to cause this problem. Removing characters causes this problem about 70% of the time. Removing the leading "(" does not seem to cause a problem, but removing the trailing ")" does.


Can anyone confirm this behavior? Is it a known problem?