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Simple relationships can not be established?

Question asked by tomperr on Mar 24, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2016 by tomperr

I seem to be running out of options to resolve what I think should be a very simple solution.  I am attempting to create a relationship between 2 tables in order to create a portal to show a list of records.

Set is as follows:

Table A has 4 fields with 1 record.

Table B has 12 fields with 31 records.

The relationship field would be 1 to many. 

The 2 fields used in relationship are:

          Table A field 1 is set up as a calculation "Get(AccountName)" with Text Result. Global Storage has been selected here. 

          Table B field 1 is set up as text.

When assigning relationship  thru relationship tab, result show 1 to many representation.

When adding fields to the form Specified Field shows the individual tables and Related Table shows <none>.

Why cant the relationship be established?  I tried adding # fields to form relationship with both identified as #s, but results are the same.

Resolution to this problem will be greatly appreciated!