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    iPhone photos upside-down


      FMGo 14

      iPhone, iOS 9.2 (when the problem occurred)



      Photos taken from a container field within FMGo on iPhone are not oriented correctly within the field.



      Use FileMaker Pro on a computer with photo editing software to export photos, open and save (they have the correct orientation when opening in Photoshop), drag back to FMP to replace upside-down images.


      If there is a known workaround – settings/calculation in the container field? – I would try them. I didn't find anything helpful after looking around here for the last 30-45 minutes.

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          Thank you for your post.


          I am unable to replicate the issue with an iPhone 5s under iOS 9.2.1 and iOS 9.3.


          If you create a new database file with a Container field and take a picture, does the picture then display correctly?


          If you insert a photo from the Photos app, does the photo display correctly?



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            Benjamin Fehr

            to put my experience to general knowledge:

            I'm unable to replicate either with iPhone 5S AND iPad Mini (1. Generation).

            Both running FMGo14* with iOS 9.3*.

            Similar issues have been reported in  the past.



            I'ld recommend to run most current version of FMGo14 as well as update to iOS 9.3.

            There are known issues caused by Mac OR iOS, NOT FM