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How do I make a drop down button where a user can "select" data from another (related) table?

Question asked by jonasmn on Mar 26, 2016
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Happy Easter,


I have 2 tables, A) Flowers B) Batches.


Table "Flowers"

In table Flowers the user can enter the different plants that are produced in the greenhouse, with:

  • primary key
  • alien key
  • common name
  • latin name
  • photo
  • supplier
  • etc.


Table "Batches"

The table Batches, contains unique information about each production cycle of a flower:

  • primary key (i.e. batch id)
  • common name of the batch, i.e. "Christmas star 2014", "Christmas star 2015", etc.
  • start date
  • end date
  • etc.


What I need help with

  1. In the layout "Batches" I want a button where the user can get a drop down meny with all the records from the table "Flowers" listed with the field "common name".
  2. The data from the field "common name" should be shown in one field in the layout "Batches" and the data  from the field "latin name" should be shown in another field in the same layout (Batches).
  3. The data can be copied to a field in the table "Bathces" or just shown/linked, whatever is possible or the easiest to achieve (I do not want to make things over complicated at this stage).
  4. If data in the fields "common name" and "latin name" in the layout "Batches" gets changed, this should not make any changes to the data in the table "Flowers". That is, I only want communication from the table "Flowers" to the layout or table "Batches", not the other way.
  5. If an entry is deleted in the table "Flowers" the data should NOT be deleted in "Batches".


If I have understood the user manual and FileMaker Training-series Basics, the above should be possible, but unfortunately it does not say anything about how to accomplish it.


I would be very grateful for any help with this topic.




Jonas Möller Nielsen