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Hi all,


Since last year, I've heard from a few you of that you'd like to see more advanced and expert sessions at DevCon. I'm happy to let you know that this week a couple more FileMaker engineers have volunteered to give technical sessions:


  • Under the Hood: Maximizing FileMaker WebDirect Scalability
  • Under the Hood: PSR Benchmarking Methodology

I also thought it might be helpful if I highlighted some sessions that might be of interest to advanced developers. Please see the list below.


Finally, I've heard quite a lot of feedback that people need more business sessions. This year we have some really good ones, including a great Positioning talk from Jonathan Stark.


Cheers --




PS For those of you speaking at DevCon, if your session should (or shouldn't) be in this list, feel free to let me know.






Tue 10:45am

FMoT: the FileMaker of Things  (Cloud / Web Services / Integration)


Tue 2pm

JavaScript is Eating the World (Extending the FileMaker Platform)


Tue 3:45pm

FileMaker Go and iOS Apps: One-Step Integration  (Extending FileMaker Go)

Security and the Cloud  (Cloud)

Under the Hood: Draco Database Engine  (Product Insight /  Performance)




Wed 9am

Deploying FileMaker Server with Amazon Web Services EC2    (Cloud)

iOS App SDK: the Launcher File  (Native iOS Apps)


Wed 10:45am

Deploying and Configuring Mobile Custom Apps using MDM  (Native iOS Apps)

Integration Innovations with FileMaker WebDirect  (Cloud / Web Services / Integration)


Wed 2pm

Speedy Server-Side Data Import Techniques    (Performance)

Under the Hood: Maximizing FileMaker WebDirect Scalability    (Product Insight / Performance)


Wed 3:45pm

Custom Validations with ESS Data Sources    (Integration)




Thu 9am

Managing Cloud Productivity Tools with Web Services and a Custom App    (Web Services / Integration)

Under the Hood: Server Performance    (Product Insight / Performance)

Advanced Reporting and Dashboard Techniques    (Dashboards)


Thu 10:45am

The Joy of Self-Updating Front-End Custom Apps    (FileMaker Go and Native iOS Apps)


Thu 2pm

Under the Hood: PSR Benchmarking Methodology   (Product Insight / Performance)

Manage Your Entire Business with Dashboards and a Custom App*    (Dashboards)

  *This is tracked as a business session so might not be presented at an advanced level


Thu 3:45pm

Very Rapid Development with Data-Driven Schema     (Rapid Development and Abstraction)

Panel: FileMaker WebDirect Successes    (Extending FileMaker WebDirect)