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Windows 10 and 4k monitors

Question asked by georgej on Mar 27, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2016 by tylertul

I had until yesterday been running a two monitor setup, one a 4k monitor and the other an older 1920x1200 monitor.  Yesterday I swapped the 1920 monitor out with another 4k monitor.  All applications are working well and I love the quality and sharpness of the 4k monitors, particularly as Win10 is smart enough to allow the scaling I need.

The only programme I have an issue with is FileMaker - I mean a big issue.  My entire business is run out of a self-developed complex application (law firm) which intergrates all parts of my business.  Every screen has large blocks of white space.  It is as if FileMaker's scaling can't cope anymore and the screen drawing is leaving bits out. 


If I swap into layout mode and back into browse then the screen draws properly.  As soon as I click anywhere on the screen large chunks of the screen disappear with no logic and become white space.


I do know that FileMaker is bad at dealing with screen refreshes in Windows - transitions on the Mac work perfectly but on Windows you get ugly screen refreshes.


Nothing has changed apart from swapping the one monitor out and changing the resolution of the system to 4k throughout.  FileMaker evidences this issue on either of the monitors.

The solution is to replace the new 4k monitor the old one who wants to do that!


Has anyone come across something similar?