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FMS stopping random users

Question asked by mgostovich on Mar 24, 2016

Product and version FMS

OS Windows 10 for FMS (Mixed Windows 7 & 10 for users)

Hardware Description FMS is on a HP dc5800 Micro Tower


We have been running this FM Server since 2010 and in the last few weeks we have been having a situation where some of the users are losing connection to FMS at random intervals. OS doesn't appear to be a consistent issue nor does age of the PC. Privilege Set is not a consistent factor as I have one person with Administrator Privileges that gets booted off and User level people who do.

The PC's in question are not losing their Ethernet Connection as evidenced by other software running that would disconnect also if they did that continues to run.

The issue happens when inactive or during active use and can occur within a few minutes of logging in, a few seconds, or in an hour or so.


Please Help