FileMaker -> Keynote or PowerPoint integration

Discussion created by CarstenLevin on Mar 25, 2016
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Hi everybody here:-)


In the past there was a splendid tool to integrate FileMaker - > Keynote. The old articles I found are terribly outdated.


Keynote is based on XML, so it should be possible, but I would like a simple way to do it ... if not it will be simpler for me to just work in keynote ... or even maybe to build the presentation with FileMaker.


Business case

The next two months I have to finalise the Information Strategy and plan for data and information architecture for a relatively large Danish corporation.

Ideally I would like to be able to work with a little team, building and maintaining the single presentation and slide in FileMaker ... if possible even with an illustration for some of the slides.

I prefer Keynote, but PowerPoint could be OK as well.


The problem: In this case it is not worth setting a lot of very technical solutions up, the period it is going to be used will likely be over before building a real solution.


So the question is: Does anything like the now 13 year old FileMaker-Keynote or similarly simple for PowerPoint exist.

I experimented with the solution when it was introduced and it did what I need now:-)

And it has to work on Mac:-) so OLE is probably not the solution.


Looking forward to hear what you have to say. And I hope that you understood from the description here that it is a Quick and Dirty solution that is needed here:-)


Best regards








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