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    Filemaker For Surveys


      I'm using FMP to build a survey that asks customers to evaluate their recent experience at a local cafe.  Here is how I prefer it to look:

                                        5 4 3 2 1

          Hot Coffee              o o o o o          Cold Coffee

          Fresh Coffee           o o o o o          Stale Coffee

          Flavorful                 o o o o o          Bland Coffee

          Fast Service           o o o o o          Slow Service

          Knowledgeable       o o o o o           Knowledgeable

          Friendly                  o o o o o          Unfriendly



      I was trying to figure out how to use radio buttons but I've run into various challenges.


         1) I'm severely limited on space. Radio buttons seem to require values (i.e.text labels) for each choice

         2) I need to display each question horizontally rather than vertically.

         3) I'd prefer to show all choices as a spectrum (listing the extremes on the ends), not just a listing items.  There might be a work-around, but this doesn't seem immediately apparent using radio buttons.


      In light of the challenges I highlighted, I'm wondering if using shapes would be a better approach (i.e. using small round buttons that look like and simulate radio button behavior).  Using shapes would be more challenging as there would need to be an extra field to handle the selected value. And I'd likely need some way to hide/show shapes that indicate when a selection has been made or changed.


      Any direction would be greatly appreciated.


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          FM is not necessarily the best application for this.   

          For quick surveys, use something like Google Forms, or Survey Monkey. 

          For more elaborate surveys,  use LimeSurvey.  

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            A survey can be done in FM.  You have to create a Radio Button for each selection.


            I created a sample Dropbox - SurveySample.fmp12

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              OMFG!  Thanks Schamblee.  You've saved countless hours of programming!



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                Hi lkeyes.


                Thanks for the suggestions.  I'm integrating the above into a much larger and pre-existing Filemaker solution.  Even though Google Forms, Survey Monkey, etc might better as a stand-alone solution I'd really need to build something through Filemaker.


                Thanks again.

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                  >>integration with FileMaker.  


                  Noted.   I'd be interested in how this works for you when deployed.


                  We have pretty good luck just exporting from LimeSurvey and importing into FM.  I think if I needed to I could use ODBC to add the mySQL back-end from Limesurvey to Filemaker, so I could work with the mySQL tables directly.   


                  In general I've been very pleased with the ODBC integration.



                  --- L

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                    I made a small update to show how easy it is to compute average score. You can download the update from the same link above.

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                      for those who need a explanation in the forum which can be text searchable.


                      A field is a field is a field. Sometimes the field is formatted with a value list on the layout.


                      ALL of the checked values in checkbox-formatted are put into the field by the order in which they are checked. If you place the same field on the layout, but not format at checkbox, you will see this is a return-delimited list of values.


                      ANY of the values of radio buttons and are in the field only with ONE value. The way to verify is to put the same field on the layout, but not format as radio, you will see the value change as you click the radio buttons.


                      We can use this "feature" to make MULTIPLE value lists with one 'value' in each. Then place the same field on the layout and format each one with a single value. Checkboxes and Radio buttons work just as well with this separation. The values that actually are IN the field are as above.


                      This method allows placement of each checkbox or radio, independently (with or without the label): Horizontal, Vertical, Diagonal, etc. There is greater control of placement and one of the reasons to use this method.


                      This will work well with static (not changing) value lists, but not with value lists based on a field.