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    FMS14 installation port refused


      HI everyone, thanks in advance.  I have been reading similar threads but have not been able to complete the installation.


      I have a dedicated mac mini with OSX server and I have purchased a second mac mini to run FMS14 as a dedicated machine.


      The mac mini running OSX server uses ports 80 and 443 for web services.  Even when I turn these services off, network utility still assigns these ports to the OSX server.


      On my Time capsule I have set up network configuration to point ports 80. 443 and 5003 to the FMS server.  (I changed these as i tried different ports.)


      During stage 5 of installation process I am getting the connection refused.  I have tried varying the ports to e.g. 8080 making sure to go back and point the changed ports in the network settings but still get the same connection refusal.


      Help would be greatly appreciated.



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          I believe the port forwarding should be done on the primary router/modem and not on a Time Capsule or AirPort Extreme. Both or either of these are wifi routers but, afaik, not the machines that are the primary connection to your isp service "at the wall".

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            Thanks Rick,


            The modem/time capsule set up is so that the modem in the wall is only the modem and all router/NAT etc functions are managed internally through the time capsule and manage outwards to the ISP.


            External access into the OSX server is fine it is onty FMS that I am having an issue with.


            Kind regards


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              I see. I use my AE in bridge mode. I would suggest getting another time capsule or airport extreme and use one to forward to the OS X server machine and the other to the FMS machine. The machines should show up via bonjour and you can forward to each specifically. Otherwise the ports you mention are used by both and that won't work if you need full functionality of OS X server and FMS. Others will have more knowledge than I.

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                Thanks again Mike.


                Some posts I have read suggest that the ports can be changed during setup for FMS14.


                I was hoping to be able to use alternate ports.


                I have turned off webservices on the OSX server but the ports are still held for this server.  Deleting the ports on the OSX server is greyed out, but it could be an alternate fix too.


                Bypassing the time capsule may be possible but will NAT conflicts be a potential issue?