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Filemaker  Server 9 on Windows Server 2003

Question asked by shawnrohrbach on Mar 24, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2016 by lkeyes

I am running Filemaker Server 9 on a Windows Server 2003.  We are using Filemaker pro 11 as a client on 30 different computers.  Recently, the clients have occasionally not been able to reach the databases through the Open Remote function.  By occasionally I mean access is fine for a few days, then the list of the databases will not populate in Open Remote until I reboot the server on the next morning.  I cannot access these databases through the Recent feature as well.  At 4:00 a.m. e very day we back up the databases using the scheduled back up feature in Filemaker Server 9.  In looking at the event and security logs in the Windows 2003 server, I see everything happening exactly the same every day so nothing is out of the ordinary on the Windows Server on the days we can access and on the days we cannot access the databases.  It appears the ports are being blocked.  I can remote in to the Windows 2003 Server through a different port and every time this happens (not able to access the databases through Open Remote) I find the Windows Server 9 is on, the databases are normal and the open remote works fine with the Filemaker Pro XI installed locally on the Window 2003 Server which is also running Filemaker Server 9.  The IP address on the Windows 2003 Server is static, we are running only one copy of Filemaker Server 9.  Any ideas on what might be happening?