Automate MS Word Print and gather PDF into container

Discussion created by DanielShanahan on Mar 26, 2016

This is a related question to this thread.  I thought it might be helpful (at least to me) to ask this related question in a separate thread.



Customer is on Macs.  They have approximately 70 MS Word docs that are mostly canned text but would receive merged data.  Data would be exported from FMP.  The user opens the appropriate MS Word document and prints the file.  I’d also like a PDF file created and sent back to FMP and stored in an external container.



Can this be automated with a combination of FMP scripting and AppleScript?


I’ve not done this before, so I can only think of the manual process:

1. Run a script in FMP to find the appropriate records and export as an .xlsx file (or a .mer/.csv file as Beverly suggests).

2. Leave FMP and open the MS Word merge file.

3. Run the merge in MS Word.

4. Print a hard copy of the file (it gets mailed).

5. Run the process again to create a PDF.

6. Return to FMP and run a script to import the newly created PDFs.


It would be great if I can reduce the process to “a magic button” in the FMP solution.