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Reality Check For Improving Remote Performance

Question asked by user21731 on Mar 26, 2016
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I'm trying to improve performance on a legacy database, especially when displaying lists of records remotely. I've been researching the subject here and elsewhere, and I'm hoping to make sure I'm understanding things properly:


  1. When serving a list of records, FileMaker Server sends the client data for every field in every record displayed (plus a few extra) even if only a few fields are actually displayed in the list layout. So my first task will be to pare down the number of fields in the table displayed. Over the years, there have been a lot of redundant or now-unnecessary fields added to the database.
  2. If I understand correctly, FileMaker Server doesn't also send data from fields in related records -- unless these related fields are either displayed in the list layout or used by a calculated or summary field that's displayed in the list layout. Is that right?
  3. If #2 is correct, what happens when a field in the list layout does need to make use of data from a field in a related record? Does FileMaker then have to send all of the data from all of the fields in the related record, or does it just grab the data from the specific related field that it needs?
  4. My layout needs to display some totals at the bottom of the list. Is there a performance difference between a summary or calculation field that tallies a stored field in the current table vs. a summary or calculation field that totals stored fields from a related field?


Thanks in advance for your help.