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Report with sub-summary showing related records' summary field

Question asked by cventuram on Mar 26, 2016

Hi amazing community!


Here is the scenario to my problem:

Customer: Gas Station

Needs: Web Fuel Sales reporting with data imported from POS system

Problem: Summary field from related table not working as needed


The Filemaker database imports a comma-delimited text file containing header as well as data records I (Data subsets as the manufacturer calls them) into FTOT table. Each imported file has data for one (1) 8-hour shift of the day.

I segregate this data using text parsing and copying to different tables (FTOTHEAD for header records and FTOTPRODREG, FTOTPRODPRE, FTOTPRODDIE for data records, depending on fuel type) in order to create Fuels Sales by day report to then be saved as a comma-delimited text file.

I use IMPORTID field as match fields to relate the records wiith the FTOT table.

FUEL SALES BY DAY report shows records from FTOTHEAD and groups all records by FTOTHEAD::DAY field in a sub-summary part.

In the same sub-summary part I need to show volume and sales for Regular Fuel (FTOTPRODREG) , Premium Fuel (FTOTPRODPRE) and Diesel Fuel (FTOTPRODDIE) grouped by day as well. But I'm not getting the desired results.


Screenshot 1 shows what I get in a table view of FTOTPRODREG  (sVolumeReg is a Summary field = Total of Volume (running with restart) when sorted by FTOTPRODREG::DAY)

Screenshot 2 shows what I get in FUEL SALES BY DAY report using FTOTPRODREG::sVolume (This field in this layout is not summarizing as it should or at least as I need it to)


Filemaker Pro 14 Advanced ( to develop)

Filemaker Webdirect (end user access)


Hope you can understand from my limited writing, if not let me know.


Thanks for your help!



Blue = Tables

Red = Fields

Green = Layout or reports

Magenta = Problem