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    How can I insert field data from one file to another?


      I have 2 separate database files that I need to share field data.  One has basic demographic information and the second has more specific information.  I have made a script which automatically opens the second file as follows:  Open (second file)

      Go to related record (show only related records) from table (first file) using current layout (2nd file)  There are a few text and number fields (no calculations) which I would like to carry over onto the 2nd file.  I have tried inserting the fields from the first file directly into the second file layout and tried setting relationships without consistent success.  This should be an easy task which I have done in the past.  What am I missing??

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          Hi.  So what you are saying is that you would like to have data in the 2nd file that is sourced from the 1st file?  It seems you have a relationship in File1 to File2 (if GTRR is working for you) - but do you have a relationship backwards from File2 to File1?


          1.  In the File2 go to Manage>External Data Sources and make sure you have a link to File1.

          2.  In File2 find the Table Occurrence (TO) that your File2 layout is based on.

          3.  In File2 go to Manage>Database and make sure you have a valid relationship from the TO of your layout back to a TO from File1.

          4.  Then double check that the File1 fields on your File2 layout are based on the TO that you have just created.


          The File1 fields should now be displayed on your File2 lay


          I've attached two sample files that show it working.  HTH.  Chris

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            Thanks Chris.  I checked my relationships and then "inserted" the appropriate fields from File 1 to File 2 and its working fine!! My problem was that I had created duplicate files so that I wouldn't mess up the originals and the relationships were not correct.  All is well now and I appreciate your help!