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    Printouts scrambled



      First let me give you some background:

      1. I'm IT consultant that does general work such as PC repairs, virus removal, network setups, etc. I DO NOT do database development and have little or no experience with FMP or other database products other than supporting the clients and workstations that run the clients.
      2. One of my customers have a custom built application that uses FileMaker 11 and maybe two months back, on two workstations, one of the really important reports started being scrambled having random data from other places on the form print in places it didn't belong.
      3. The second machine that was having trouble just stopped having issues when I moved it to a different network connection, so I thought it must be a problem with that network connection.  I moved the machine back to the old connection and all of a sudden the problem was gone, so I tried the same thing with our other workstation, yet it still is scrambling the reports.
      4. The developer has looked and swears that everything is okay with the product and insists that the problem lays with the computers or network, so I've done the following:
        1. Unloaded FMP on the workstation giving us trouble and reloaded it.
        2. Unloaded and reloaded FMS
        3. Moved the Filemaker Database to a completely clean workstation running Win7Pro with ONLY the OS and patches and use the SHARE function. This seemed to fix the problem at first, but it started giving the same type of trouble within a day.
        4. Checked network connectivity from the workstation by pinging large packets (1024 bytes) at the server for a couple of hours without a single drop.
        5. Did virus and malware scans of the affected computers
        6. Did temp file cleanup using CCLEANER
        7. Did CHKDSK /F on the workstation giving us trouble

      I just don't know where to go next. My current plan is to replace the workstation that is giving the most trouble and see what happens. I could then start uninstalling Windows updates, but that is a dangerous game with all of the threats and malicious content on the web now a days.


      My Questions:

      1. Has anyone else seen this type of problem and tracked it down to a cause?
      2. Are there any patches on Windows 7 that are known to cause issues with FMP11 or on Windows Server 2008 r2 that are known to cause problems with FMS11?
      3. Does anyone have some troubleshooting steps or diagnostics I can try to help track down this problem?


      The forums here are a bit different than the ones I'm used to for other products. I couldn't find a place for my product or obsolete products, so I posted here. Hopefully that is correct. If not, please let me know.



      Jeff Smith

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          Have you checked the printer? Does the issue occur on saving PDF instead of print to paper?

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            Doh, I guess I should have mentioned that.  We've tried printing to the printer and PDFs with the same result.  I even tried printing to the XPS driver that Office installs with the same results. Another computer, the laptop, that gave us trouble for a day or so has no problem now printing to that printer through Windows File and Print services.  Hopefully that is the only thing I forgot to mention.





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              Just curious. Is the lack of replies here due to the version of FMP, or is this something no one has ever seen before?


              An update, we spoke to the software vendor and we are going to upgrade to FMP14 and the newer version of his program. That had better solve the problem, or I'll pull my hair out.



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                I have a similar problem, with FileMaker 12, where the network connection does seem to make a difference ( WAN vs LAN )


                The print script sets a few Global fields,  finds the Records,  then switches to "Preview"


                For some reason, the Globals do not "refresh" over the WAN,  and show the wrong data when printed


                I have added additional "commit", and "refresh window" steps, and will see what happens


                AFAIK,  only the Globals were off




                > Is the lack of replies here due to the version of FMP, or is this something no one has ever seen before?

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                  Jeff, what's odd about this is the problem was isolated to only 2  computers. Did you by any chance run a recovery on a backup of the file having trouble. The recovery log might give you some insight to a possible problem with the data file.

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                    Shot in the dark, here (but one I've been shot by before)...


                    Does the network connection alter in anyway the availability of what fonts you have access to?


                    I had a solution from someone else who love Helvetica...and moving my computer from one desk to another (changing simply the network jack I was plugged into) altered whether or not Helvetica would render.

                    Had them install Helvetica font set on my computer solved the whole thing.....as did switching to Arial or TNR for the fonts.

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                      That is well beyond my understanding. I will pass this info onto the developer and see what he thinks. It's mostly a mute point now as we are upgrading to FMP14, FMS14, and the vendor is upgrading our product.  I hate to say it will definitely fix everything as what would really suck is if we did this $5K in upgrades and the problem still existed. Our working hypothesis is that the problem is being caused by a Windows Security upgrade and that by upgrading to FM14, the problem will either go away or be easier to troubleshoot with a supported version of FM. <crossing fingers>

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                        I can't imagine what would cause a change in font's depending on the network jack, but the font idea is worth sending up to the vendor. I have to imagine that since the scrambled reports seem to pull random data from other places on the report, that it must be happening during the report creation.  I do like what gdurniak mentioned above about a refresh option, and I've sent that to the vendor, but haven't' heard back. As I mentioned in the last message, it all might be mute since we are upgrading and hoping that will take care of the problem.

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                          I have also seen unexpected results if any layout object touches, or crosses, a layout part break


                          also look for any objects set to slide left,  or slide up




                          > it all might be mute since we are upgrading and hoping that will take care of the problem

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                            I submitted everything to the developer.  He is aware of most of these items.  At this point, I think we have our hopes on the upgrade. I'll post the results once the upgrade is finished in case the information helps anyone else in the future, but I think this question is at it's end.  Let me know if there is anything I should do to mark it as done/closed/etc.


                            Thanks again for your help,



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                              Hey, we might have an answer. I was installing FMP14 on the troubled workstation in preparation to upgrade the FM Application to the new version as the developer is almost done converting our data.  The installation noted that we had an outdated and incompatible version of Bonjour. It made me uninstall it and reinstall it from the FMP14 installation directory.  We still have the old FM on the system and when I tested the discharge report that was giving us trouble, it seemed to work just fine.  I have the doctor checking it to be sure, but I think that Bonjour may have been the culprit.  None of the other computers gave me this warning/error, so this one workstation must have had an older version of Bonjour than the rest.  Either corruption or an incompatible Windows update broke it's functionality.  If you don't hear anything else from me, then the problem was fixed with the Bonjour update / side-by-side install of FMP14 as it could have also replaced a corrupted library file or something similar to fix the problem, but I can't separate the two as they were done at the same time. Either way, we are on our way to the updated version of FM and the updated version of the FM Application.





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                                Okay, so it's several weeks later and since I removed the old Bonjour service and upgraded it, they haven't had a single additional problem with the reports.  To be fair, I also replaced the hard disk with an SSD hard drive, but I didn't do that because the old hard drive was giving indications of a problem, I just did it to add some raw speed to the older computer. I also did a side-by-side install of FMP14.  I did all tasks at the same time, so it's hard to separate them. The thing I don't understand and doesn't make much sense to me is that I'm pretty sure bonjour is a service availability/discovery/etc. How would a malfunction in this cause scrambled prints???  I'm also unsure of it being a fixed dll as I did an uninstall and reinstall of the older version of FMP early in the troubleshooting and that didn't help.  If anyone else is running into this same problem, check your bonjour first and then try replacing the hard disk with an SSD.  Anyway, this is kinda solved, but now the lack of a problem has slowed down our migration to the new version.  Ack!!