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Filemaker File Size Explanation?

Question asked by dsghs on Mar 26, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2016 by gdurniak

So I have a solution built in Filemaker Pro 14. It is about 50MB once all records are deleted. I am trying to get the file size down for distribution purposes. So I have no records and the file is still 50MB.


I un-index all fields except primary keys and I delete all container fields. I "unstore" all calculation fields. This brings the file size to 48MB.


I start playing around with clones of the file. I delete one of my tables (call it the survey table) and the size goes down to 3.4MB. Bingo.


I start with a fresh copy of Original Solution.fmp12. The weird thing is, there are no records in the survey table. The weirder thing? I delete ALL fields in the survey table and the size goes down .1MB. Then I delete the table with NO fields in it and the size drops from 48MB to 3.4MB.


What is going on here?? Surely the 1 relationship this table has does not account for 45MB of file size??