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    Runtime (Kiosk) scripts


      I'm finding that several scripts that run fine in FMAdv don't within the kiosk. Two examples:

      1. I have a script that duplicates the last parent record, child and the grandchild records associated with that child. Within kiosk, if the current parent is dated 24th, it is correctly duplicated for the 25th, but the child is re-dated 25th from 24th (24th now no longer has a child) and the grandchild is no duplicated.

      2. 2nd script to create a set of child records doesn't run because in Kiosk the User doesn't have privileges (But all scripts are executable and so far as I can tell my scripts only 'visit' but don't finish on layouts to which the user has no access).


      I'm less after an exact diagnosis of the problem for these scripts than some pointers to the problems in Kiosk, presumably largely to do with privileges.

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          Have you tried giving your script full access privileges.   In FM14 in the  Script WorkPlace under file select Full Access privileges for each script you want to grant full access.

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            I must admit this was a 'layer' I neither knew nor understood. Just to check, what do 'full access privileges' mean as opposed to script security settings? ie. if I need a User to be able to use a script, I assume they need 'FAP'? In which case, for my solution FAP would be necessary on just about all scripts, since they need full functionality, BUT in Security 'Executable only' so that they can't mess with the scripts.


            Would that be right?

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              Use Run script with full access privileges to enable a script to run with the full access privilege set, even if the current user has logged in with a privilege set that does not have full access. Using this feature enables users with limited access and privileges to perform scripted tasks that they would otherwise be unable to execute, such as exporting or deleting records. Access privileges do not change, but the script can do more privileged work for them. Furthermore, full access does not carry over to any subsequent sub-script, unless this feature has been enabled in that script as well.
              The Run script with full access privileges feature can only be enabled or modified by users with full access privileges. Therefore, only users with full access privileges can edit or delete scripts for which this feature has been enabled.
              The Run script with full access privileges feature only functions in the file in which the script is defined. This command will not override access restrictions on external files. For example, a script to delete records in File A that has the Run script with full access privileges option enabled will not delete records in an access-restricted external file File B.


              The above information is from  the note section at the following link Creating and editing scripts

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                V. useful ......and you were correct; Kiosk functionality is now as expected.