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Templates for iOS as UPC inventory scanner linked to Amazon Marketplace?

Question asked by makinfilms on Mar 28, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2016 by schamblee

i am new to fmp14

I was using Bento with mac and ipad and iphone to keep track of my photography sales



But now i am seekimg templaters shated by other usets thst might speed up this solution building



AMarket place

I want to sell cd and dvd


Is there a quick rasy solution to first


Scan upc codes with iphone camera using fmGo?


Amd will this also automatically lookup a Amazon Marketplace Thumbnail image?


I had seen i think an app that does this but ot wasnt as powerful in customizable options within the app


Please let me know

Because i would like to sell on Amazon

And possibly eBay


Again any great ideas i am grateful


Singleton Makin