How to filter portal records alphabetically

Discussion created by disabled_TheNovice on Mar 28, 2016
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Hello all,

I’m using FM 14. I have created a dictionary in my database and I want to be able to filter records in a portal using  a letter of the alphabet. For instance, if I click on A, only the records beginning with A will be displayed, and so on. I have found a number of discussions on this subject on this forum but I am unable to adapt any of the suggested solutions to my own situation.


I have the following relationship right now:

Dictionary::IDWord_pk = ListDict::IDWord_fk (ListDic is a TO of Dictionary).


My layout is based on Dictionary and the TO on the layout is based on ListDict. See screenshots.


I know I probably need to create one or more other relationships but I’m not sure which ones. I’ve tried several things but nothing works so far. Any advice would be very much appreciated.