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FMS14 consistency check never finishes in backup

Question asked by wfgclapp on Mar 28, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2016 by wfgclapp

Has anyone seen something like this?


I'm running FMS

I am utilizing the default scheduled script, "Daily" to backup all my DBs. That's 10 files. One file is 6.5GB, the rest are 60MB or much less.


I've been watching for a couple of weeks and more nights than not, the Daily schedule never completes (according to Log file). On the nights the schedule does not complete, the one thing that is consistent (pun intended) is that the consistency checks at least begin. Sometimes all of them show "succeeded" in the log, sometimes not all of them. There are never any errors.


This schedule runs at 8pm each night. On the nights it fails to complete, the status of the schedule still shows "Running" the next morning. That I have found, the only way to 'reset' that schedule is to reboot the server. I've tried stopping/starting fmse from command line, stopping/starting FMS, logging in/out of Admin Console. Nothing. I have to reboot.


I have been studying the log file for these two weeks and I see nothing strange in the logs that regularly coincides with the nights this schedule fails to complete.


And there is no consistency with the last DB to have its consistency checked. As I said, sometimes I will see a log entry that each consistency check "succeeded". Sometimes only 2 of 10 DBs got a consistency check. Sometimes, 6 of 10, etc.  That to say, it doesn't seem to be an issue with a particular file.


I'm hoping someone has seen this before.


Thanks much for any help!