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    Find duplicates within a found set



      Have been searching myself for a long time for a simple solution to find duplicates within a found set.

      Ultimately I came to this:

      Field to find duplicates from = ""Field_X".

      Create two additional fields in the table: "Field_A" and "Calculated_Duplicates" (calculation: "Field_A" & " " & "Field_X") .

      This is to be scripted:

      0. Preliminary step: Replace field contents of "Field_A" with "".

      1. Perform your original find.

      2. Replace field contents of "Field_A" with "foo". Therefore "Calculated_Duplicates" will be "foo (contents of Field_X)".

      3. Perform constrain find duplicates in "Calculated_Duplicates".

      Result = duplicates found within a found set.

      Does anyone have comments ?