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Webdirect display issue on FMS14

Question asked by meteodave on Mar 28, 2016

The FMS was recently upgraded to  Webdirect usually works well on Google Chrome (PC).  However, sometimes after a period of inactivity (e.g., several minutes), the user may click on a button to run a script (e.g., sort the columns) and Webdirect loses graphics.  That is, all of the text is displayed and properly aligned, however, the theme, button graphics, text box borders, etc. are all missing.  Subsequent clicks on buttons (e.g., sorting, find) within the same view does not restore the theme.  Switching to another view (e.g., form view) may restore the theme but logout and login rectifies the issue.  Note that this "text only view" can be seen sometimes when the page loads normally but it usually quickly switches to the "theme view."


Is this an issue with Webdirect or the Chrome browser?  Is there a solution to this issue?


Thank you.