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    Problem with Get(CurrentDate)


      I have a script that saves an Excel File to my Desktop.


      The following line in my script is used to set the naming convention:

      StyleMaster::Factory &" "&  " ShipSchedule" & Get(CurrentDate)


      I want this to output FactoryName ShipsSchedule Todays Date, but I am getting an error message regarding the date.

      When I remove the Get(CurrentDate) parameter the script works fine and I get “Factory Name ShipSchedule” .  I can’t figure out why the Get command is messing things up- but I have a feeling it has to do with Excel not being able to accept the way the Date is formatted..


      Please help.  Thanks!


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          Excel has nothing to with this – the error is thrown from your OS, which probably is unhappy about certain characters in the textual representation of the date (namely, the slash).




          StyleMaster::Factory & " " & " ShipSchedule" & Substitute ( Get ( CurrentDate ) ; "/" ; "_" )

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            My guess is the "Date" would look something like this "3/29/2016", file names don't like the "/" symbol in them. You will need to change the date format in your calculation

            For example,

            Year(Get(CurrentDate)) [will produce 2016]  & Day(Get(CurrentDate)) [will produce 29 ]

            End result is 201629

            * You may need to switch "Year" and "Get" in the calculation, I can't remember which way Filemaker likes that calculation set up. Then you can add hyphens where needed and change the date order however you choose.




            edit: erolst has the right idea.

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              The "/" was in fact the culprit!  Thanks much for the assistance.