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Scriptingcommands in local language making problems

Question asked by ChristianNissen on Mar 29, 2016

Hi again,


This time I am having problems with using scripting examples from the thin documentation or example files provided.


All the examples are in english and all the scripting commands are in local language....


I think its neccessary to have local language in FM´s menues and other stuff that users see of FM, but swedish in the scriplanguage only makes problems, as the examples and most documentation (especially 3rd party) is written in english.


Is there a way to deselect the native language from FM-scripts and its edit window, and use ONLY english commands instead?


Also some of the scriptcommands seems to be working in either english or swedish (like FALSE/FALSKT ao) and some only in one of the two. Very confusing with this inconcistency?