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    FileMaker Go layouts




      If I was to open a solution in FM Go on iPad in portrait, and then I rotated the iPad to landscape would the solution automatically adapt accordingly or would I need to script something to make that happen?


      Sorry the question just came in my head and I can't remember.




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          Depending on how complex the layout is you may need a layout for portrait and another layout for landscape.   You would use script trigger to detect the rotation of the device.    The same layout can be used  but you will have limit the layout width to portrait width, so the user does not have to scroll.  See Optimizing Mobile Solutions | FileMaker

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            You are going to need to do extra work to make this work properly. You can either create two different layouts and use a script to change layouts based on the orientation or use one layout and use anchors and hidden objects to create a layout that will adjust when you change orientation.

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              Thankyou rgordon and Schamblee

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                LIst views can be a pain sometimes in FMGO because you never want you user to have to move left and right on the screen. Here is a technique that I use for lists.  Design your list for landscape and when a user switches orientation zoom the screen to 75%.  The list will fit perfectly and you will see the same amount of data from left to right and more data from top to bottom. When the user exit the portrait orientation have a trigger that sets the zoom back to 100%.