Perform Script On Server out of sync

Discussion created by FileKraft on Mar 28, 2016
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calling serverside execution of a script with PSoS to create a new record exchanging all parameters returning the primary key ID of that record via script result. server on windows 2012 server R2 Pro running  FMS14v4

next call via client execution of script hosted by same server to upload a container field via insert file script step after localizimg that record previously created via find command.


what happens is of i call from FMP13v9 that find command cannot find that record ir i run it step by step with debugger and perform that find a second time then the record shows up.


if a perform this 2 script calls on fmp14v5. all works as expected.

ir a perform this 2 script calls on fmp13v9 or 13v5 and the server is FMS13v10 all works well,


so my work ariund now is if 13 clients are calling i repeat the same find a second time and it works.