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Get portal row number from cartesian join relationship type.

Question asked by stephancasas on Mar 29, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2016 by electon

Here's a weird one:


For the context of my situation, I have two tables setup:



Field NameDescription
__pkRecordIDSerialized number
_ctJoinAuto-Enter, Global = 0

Unstored, = cat0 & <linebreak> & cat1

cat0Text field
cat1Text field



Field NameDescription
_ctJoinAuto-Enter, Global = 0
recordNumberUnstored, = Get(RecordNumber)
lineItemTextUnstored, = GetValue(parentRecords::calculatedText; recordNumber)


The two tables are related using the _ctJoin fields to create a Cartesian type join between every record. What I'm trying to do is create two records in the lineItems table that, when shown in a portal from the context of parentRecords, will display the individual lines of data stored in parentRecords::calculatedText. However, I'm finding this increasingly difficult to do. It will work perfectly fine and grab data when only one record exists in parentRecords but fails to supply data for any other records created. In my head I understand, perfectly, why this behaviour is happening. I guess what I'm asking is, "does anyone have a better solution or way to do this?"


Is it at all possible to retrieve just the portal row number from a calculation without requesting Get(RecordNumber)? This would basically solve my issue.


Also, this is my first post to these forums, please advise if I have done something incorrectly.