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      Hi All,


      This a very simple simple questions, and your answers will help me not bother you too much.

      For the FM experts out there, this will be a very dumb question. I'm actually just looking for the keywords I need in order to be able to look for the tutorial ressources that will help me solve my problem.


      I am building a stock databse. Here are my main tables:

      1. clients
      2. orders
      3. products
      4. product pieces
      5. product pieces orders
      6. product pieces suppliers

      So, I have product parts that are assembled at our company; then we offer products which are sold to our clients.

      Here is the thing: in all the tutorial I checked and paid for, the relations offered as examples are limited to products been bought from suppliers and sold to clients.

      But our process involves another step that I just can't figure out how to implement in FM: we don't actually buy product but product pieces from suppliers. Then these become products sold.

      I'm trying to find out how I can get the total product pieces in stock depending on how much products containing my product pieces have been ordered. I have no problem relating product pieces to suppliers; but I can't seem to be able to relate product pieces to orders through products


      I'm not really happy with these explanations which look obscure,

      But I hope someone gets it.

      What do you guys think I should be looking when I search for info in this forum?