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Script search that return no rows?

Question asked by ChristianNissen on Mar 29, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2016 by ChristianNissen

Hi again,


I am trying to learn to master FM, from manuals and examples. I am greatly helped by "FM14 - the missing manual" creds to the people that wrote that!


Now I run into problems understanding whats needed to write a script that makes a selection like this SQL statement.



FROM debitering

WHERE kollad = "J"


I just cant make it work with the scriptwindow?



To further complicate matters I have no idea on how to deselect the use of local language (in this case swedish) from the scripting?? I have written a separate question on that in these forums.


The script I am using would be the first scriptcommand in the list of "Searchresult" in the english version.


I would expect a returning list of all the rows in the small table above where "Kollad = "J"  instead I get nothing and on top of that an errormessage saying "No recs found, do You want to continue?".


I havent got a clue on how to write a functioning script, anybody who knows, or even better if anybody knows how to use real SQL statements in scripts?


I expect all scriptsuggestions in english as probably few of You are locked into the swedish FM-version




Cheers now!