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    Sliding Fields: The battle continues...


      I have been reading many discussions on sliding fields, and it seems many people have been battling this "feature".  What I am trying to accomplish is to have a form to print out a worksheet with the various addresses (mailing, shipping, billing) for our customer.


      I have created the following fields for the addresses:

           Address Line 1

           Address Line 2

           Address Line 3






      I have the format as following on a layout:

      Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 5.06.45 PM.png

      I would like the bottom fields to slide up if Address Line 2 or Address Line 3 or both are empty.  I have selected all of the fields designated with the sliding icon at once and selected:

      Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 5.33.52 PM.png

      This gives me the following when printed:

      Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 5.22.09 PM.png

      I can have the lines slide up once, but not twice for two empty address lines (2 and 3).  This is my quirk.  Is it possible to slide up over two empty fields?


      Thank you,



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          Is there any space above and below the fields? Sliding does not eliminate the spaces, only the empty fields.


          Is it possible that two fields overlap (even by a pixel) vertically? That'll not be considered "above".


          When I have issues with the sliding, it almost always turns out to be one (or both) of these things.


          Incidentally, you may want your state to slide left. It might make sense to put the zip on that line and slide left, as well. As it is, with "only directly above", if detroit weren't there, you'd get 99999 MI.



          Chris Cain


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            You need to use Merge Fields instead of actual fields and then they will automatically slide up if empty. It would look like this:










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              sorry I missed the state (note the comma and space after City) this will perfectly align it no matter how long your city name is.




              <<CustAdd_City>>, <<CustAdd_State>>



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                I do have some white space between the fields, but that is not what I am trying to remove.


                Here is what the layout looks like with the fields selected:


                Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 7.42.44 PM.png


                I do not see any overlap.  Could having the 3 sets of addresses across the layout be causing an issue?


                I am going to work on sliding the state to the left, I was waiting to resolve the vertical sliding issues before adding another variable to the equation.



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                  So If you prefer, Here is another good way to take care of this. Create a calculation field resulting in text and calculate the result you want then just put the one merge field on your label layout. Something like the following (change the Length to whatever your label supports);


                  Let  (
                  length = 28 ;
                  address1  = Left ( CustAdd_Line1 ; length ) ;
                  address2  = Left ( CustAdd_Line2; length ) ;

                  address3  = Left ( CustAdd_Line3; length ) ;
                  city  = Left ( CustAdd_City ; length ) ;
                  state  = CustAdd_State ;
                  postal = CustAdd_Zip ;
                  country  = Left ( Work Country ; length ) ;

                  address4  = If ( not IsEmpty ( state ) and not IsEmpty ( city ) ; ", " & state ; state ) ; 
                  address5  = If ( not IsEmpty ( city ) or not IsEmpty ( state ) ;  " " & postal ; postal ) ;
                  address6 = If ( not IsEmpty ( address4 & address5 ) ; city & address4 & address5 & ¶ & country ; country )
                  ] ;

                  List ( address1 ; address2 ; address3 ; address6 )


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                    Micheal gave you the correct answer.  You have too much space between your fields.  Sliding will not remove the space between the fields.

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                      After revisiting this, I tried removing all of the white space between the fields, and BINGO.  You are correct sir.  It was the spacing between the fields that give the illusion of one of the fields not sliding.


                      Thank you again for the assistance.