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    Recovering records


      Hello all,


      After a 3 times consecutive power outages all my records turns into "?".


      How can I recover my records?


      Thank you.

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          Thank you for your post:


          In a situation like this, you may want to look to a backup from before the power outages. You may also want to check into Recovering you current files.


          I hope this helps!



          FileMaker, Inc.

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            You are experiencing symptoms of corruption due to unplanned shutdown of the file probably when in use.


            Follow the recovery recommendations in the previous post but it is strongly advised to use recover ONLY to get data out of the damaged files.


            You should rebuild the solution completely from scratch and then import the data from the damaged file.


            When I say completely from scratch I mean start with an empty file and do not copy or import anything from the damaged file except for the data.


            You should also do a root cause analysis and develop a mitigation plan that should include a careful consideration of FileMaker server and a solid backup strategy.


            The more complex your system gets the more it will cost you to rebuild again in the future.

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              Thanks TSPigeon...

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                Thanks Coherentkris...

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                  I would suggest that the file was almost certainly in use when the power failure occurred. Otherwise a power failure would have no effect whatsoever on the files. Even with FMS if a file is not open (being served) a power failure should not introduce corruption. Of course there are users of FMP who will leave a file open for days and leave the machine. Bad idea or a good reason to have battery backup to effect a "pretty" shutdown.

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                    If I do recovery tomorrow...can I still get my records like before?

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                      Hi Thong,


                      Please stop and consider.

                      Coherentkris wrote:

                      You should rebuild the solution completely from scratch and then import the data from the damaged file.

                      And other suggest that you use recover and if succeeding continue using the file.


                      There are two solutions that may be much better.


                      • You where using FileMaker Server?
                        • If this is the case you probably have a backup created by your FileMaker server. Use the last one before the crash.
                        • If your data in the backup is outdated, then create a clone from your backup and then do a recover of your damaged file and import from this into the clone of the undamaged version. Or consider exporting out from the recovered version (text files) and import.
                      • You where just using the file locally with FileMaker Pro?
                        • Do you have a backup or a relatively similar copy somewhere else?
                          • Use a clone from this and import data from your recovered but damaged file.
                        • If you do not have a backup then ... then we have to retreat to the second line of defence. Try recovering. File Menu->Recover ... and then come back here with the result and the recover log and get qualified advice based on facts.


                      Do not move to fast with advice given before the context and the situation is really revealed


                      When we are through with this we can come with some advice on how to avoid this happening. But the first issue is obviously to get you up and running again.


                      Best regards



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                        Just in case you are unaware, for around $50 you can purchase an uninterruptible power supply UPS from APC. In case of a power loss the UPS can be programmed to gracefully shut down your computer.

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                          Kurt is right, and important point!

                          APC UPS's work fine with Mac OS X via USB interface or network agent.

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                            You may be able to "get your records as before" or may not....it all depends on the severity of the corruption.


                            The only way to find out is to do it.


                            If you do not rebuild a solution once it is corrupted then there is a chance that, even in the absence of another catastrophic event, symptoms of corruption can reappear completely out of the blue.


                            Once corruption has reared its ugly head your data and any decisions you make from that data is at risk.


                            Root cause analysis and mitigation planning is the part of recovery from corruption that most forget and is the most vital. Root cause analysis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


                            You have to understand why the system failed and produced the corruption in order to make thoughtful risk/reward based mitigation and recovery decisions.


                            If you are comfortable using an unstable/untrustworthy system then by all means just do the recover and continue to use the file(s)

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                              If I removed my Original files...can i use my back up files?



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                                Hi Thong,


                                You have backup files, superb!!!


                                Of course you should use your backups:-), that's why you have them.


                                There are some questions you never answered, and the advise will improve tremendously if you do:

                                • Which version of FileMaker?
                                • FileMaker Server or FileMaker Pro?

                                Please let me know and I can help you.


                                Best regards


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                                  Im FIlemaker Pro Advanced 11 &  Using FM server 11.


                                  Is it possible that a  backup maybe affected?



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                                    yes backups can be affected.

                                    It all depends on when the corruption was caused.

                                    In your case every file pre power loss is probably safe.

                                    If the corruption was caused before your oldest backup then all of your backups are corrupt.

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