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    Open kmz file in Google Earth


      I need to store Google Earth kmz files. I would like to open these directly in Google Earth, but can’t figure out the best (any) way to do this.


      First, how do I store the file? Text? Container?


      Second, how do I get it to open directly in Google Earth? Script?

      Third, can I make this work on iOS also, with FM Go?


      Thanks for your suggestions.


      FMP 13A

      OSX 10.11.4

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          I would go with kml file (without compression).

          You can write it, e.g. with MBS Plugin: Text.WriteTextFile


          I would take an example kml file and use it as template.

          Remove the lines for the entries.

          Than add in a script the xml entries for each record.

          On the end write them to file.


          I do that in a solution myself.

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            I use the kml file format that Christian has suggested along with the Export Records script step:


            First, setup your "file path/file_name.kml" in a variable like $filepath


            Export Records[ No dialog ; $filepath ; Automatically open ; Unicode (UTF-8) )


            using XML as the File Type.


            You may need an XSLT file to convert the XML output from FMP to Google's KML format.  Contact me by private message if you need an example.