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    Unique Compound Key


      I receive data from a system.  It comes in the form of a spreadsheet.  There are two key columns of Data:  Client and Agent.


      There might be multiple records for Client "A".  But Client "A" can only have one agent type.  Adding a new client is not too difficult.  That gets flagged to me separate from the report.  However, a Client may add a new agent type.  So before I import the report to the activity table, I would like to update the Parent Table, to pick these new agents up. 


      Should I concatenate the information in Excel first to create the key?  Or can FileMaker Pro determine uniqueness from a compound key?

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          TKnTexas wrote:

          Or can FileMaker Pro determine uniqueness from a compound key?


          You cannot validate a calc field, but you can create a text field with the appropriate auto-enter option, say, 


          field1 & field2


          If you validate this field as unique, records whose concatenated field contents constitute a duplicate as per this calculation will not be imported.

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            Another option is to import the data as is, and then use a self-joining relationship with both fields as join predicates. In this scenario, if field X (which can be any field you know to be unique) is not equal to selfJoin::field X, then you have a duplicate. (Or, alternatively, if Count ( selfJoin::field X ) > 1.)