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Using variables in a sub-summary report

Question asked by tkemmere on Mar 31, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2016 by tkemmere

...I'm wondering, is it somehow posible to use variables in a sub-summary report? I guess not, because I need the variable to be different for every row.




So I have this sub-summary report, (say a contact person list, grouped per province) and for some persons a field is left blank, and for others there is a value, for example the phone number. It is mostly known, but sometimes left blank. Suppose there is no phone number, then I also wouldn't like "Phone: " in my report. So thought I'd create a variable $Phone with

If ( IsEmpty (Contactpersons::Phonenumber); "" ; "Phone: " & Contactpersons::Phonenumber)

And then putting <<$Phone>> into the row in the sub-summary row. But the problem is that that variable is only loaded once, not for every corresponding row, so it displays all the same.


Unfortunately I can't solve this with "Hide object when" because it gets more complicated: Like depending on the content of various fields, different texts have to be displayed.


How would you go about it? It there a solution you know? Thanks for your answer in advance.