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    Converting TEXT fields to calculation fields sets the result to NUMBER


      FileMaker Version: all of them

      System: Mac

      How to reproduce:


      - Create a TEXT field.

      - Close the Manage Database window.

      - Open the Manage Database window again.

      - Change the field to be a calculation, dismiss the dialog.

      - The result of the calculation is NUMBER.


      Expected result: the result of the calculation should be the same of the original field definition. In this case, text.


      Yesterday I changed 1.200 global text fields to global calculations. So I had to change the result from number to text 1.200 times. Thanks God that the resulting fields were still global, not indexed.


      By the way, cold you please give us a way to dismiss that dialog? Dismissing it 1.200 times in a row was also a pain in the ass.


      Thanks for listening.