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Why is FileMaker crashing when executing a script that searches for related external data?

Question asked by chivalry on Mar 29, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2016 by chivalry

I'm trying to build a script that will find certain records and FileMaker is crashing as soon as it tries to execute the script, i.e., before it even gets to the first script step.


First of all, Jobs is a shadow table that exists in an MSSQL database that's being accessed using Actual Tech's ODBC plugin. CachedJobs is a local FileMaker table. There's a relationship from Jobs to CachedJobs using an unstirred calculated `hash` field in Jobs matched to an indexed `original_hash` field in CachedJobs. I want to find Jobs records that have no related CachedJobs records (indicating either that the job is new or that it's changed and needs to be updated).


Here's the script:


Go to Layout [ “JOB” (JOB) ]

Enter Find Mode []

Set Field [ Jobs_CachedJobs::uuid ; "=" ]

Perform Find []


Executing the above gives me the spinning beachball and I have for force FileMaker to quit. This happens even when the debugger is open. The spinning beachball happens before it even gets to the first script step. Note that I can perform this search manually without trouble (at the moment it returns all the Jobs records because they all need updating).


If I change line three above to search for something in Jobs directly, such as Jobs::UniqueID, that works (in this case showing no records, or if I change the "=" to "*", it finds all records). But running the script crashes FileMaker every time.


Is this a known bug of some sort with either FileMaker or Actual Tech's driver? Searching through a relationship from a shadow table to a local table in a script won't work? Am I doing something incorrectly, or should I just not expect this to work and I should find a different algorithm to solve the problem?