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How can I add static options to a dynamic value list?

Question asked by chivalry on Mar 29, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2016 by chivalry

Has anyone come up with a way to nicely add a couple of static options to a value list generated from a field?


For example, assuming I have a field that I'm using to create a value list. I want the exact same value list, but with "All", "Mine", and a separator to appear at the top. I figured out a way to create a value list that includes "All" and "Mine" in addition to the names in the field the values are drawn from, but the words appear in their alphabetical order, not at the top.


My fallback solution is to have radio buttons for "All", "Mine" and "Values" with the value list only showing up if the user selects the "Values" radio button, but this wouldn't be as elegant as what I'm trying to do.