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Relationship issues

Question asked by ProdMan on Mar 30, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2016 by ProdMan

I have a "home" database with 100 records and a separate shell Filemaker doc that is for creating purchase orders from the database. There is a relationship between the two via a single number that is unique to each record, and the fields in the purchase order database are all "lookups" linked to the "home" database. I use the unique number as the relationship channel in "edit relationship" dialogue box, specifying that new records can be created in the purchase order database but also specifying that records in the "home"database can neither be created nor deleted when the purchase order records are deleted. Yet when I delete a record from the purchase order database, it deletes the record in the "home" database. What is going on here?


I would like to be able to remove records from the purchase order database without affecting the "home" database in the least--what is needed to effect this?