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Want to export 1 record from 1 patient that has multiple records

Question asked by DouglasGrant on Mar 30, 2016
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I use Filemaker Pro 12 Advanced as a proxy for an Electronic Medical Record.   I am a novice database designer and user.  I store a lot information about the patient's visit with me that ultimately ends up in a Word document that is then uploaded into the official medical record.  I am sure that my database is not normalized and my attempts to develop a normalized database have not allowed me to export information in the manner I need it. My problem is exporting 1 record of multiple records for a given patient.


I have a database setup with the following relevant tables:  1) Patient Info (demographic info such as ethnicity, handedness), Referral Information (who referred the patient, for what reason, and the date of intake), 4) Medical History, and 4) score on the mini-mental status examination,  I have linked all my tables by the patient's medical record number.  In this setup, patient information is not expected to change between appointments or over the course of our relationship.  Referral information may be different each time I see a patient and the patient have different problems.  Also, medical history and mini-mental status examination score may change.  If I only have seen the patient once, then exporting the info to a Word file is no problem.  However, I do not know how I can export the basic information that does not change and all the information that is related to a specific visit.  Currently, if the patient has been seen twice, and there are two records for each of the tables except the patient table, and I export the data, only the first record is exported.  What I would rather do is find a set of records for a specific date of service and export all that information.


I would appreciate any help that I may receive.


Douglas Grant