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    Duplicate Scripts Folder - Bug?


      Hi all.  I'm using FMPA14.0.4 - on Windows 7 Enterprise.


      If I select multiple individual scripts and use the duplicate function then each of the duplicated scripts has the word "copy" appended to its name.  However if I select a folder with multiple scripts within it and use the duplicate function, the folder itself has the word "copy" appended to its name, but each of the scripts within do not.  This means that each of those duplicated scripts has the same name as the original and then has to be changed manually.


      To me, that is a bug.  What do others think?

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          Benjamin Fehr

          This question actually should be placed as a general question, not in 'Report a Issue'.


          Anyway, I wouldn't call this a bug since:

          - it's a logically and consistent behavior

          - it's 'as-designed', means on purpose

          - it follows exactly the same rules such as your Mac and Win OS when duplicate any files and folders

          - it causes no technical conflicts within a FM solution since FM uses a hidden index instead of script name when assigning a script to a button