Secure External Container Files On WebDirect Disappearing

Discussion created by on Mar 30, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2016 by Mike_Mitchell

FMPA13 on FMS13 using WebDirect.  I use secure external containers to store documents.  Everything works great to store, retrieve and delete documents.  I've been working with my hosting provider to try to figure out why subdirectory trees which end in the encrypted file, are being removed.  The files are stored under the "Secure" directory in a long path typically starting with a 2 character folder name (10, 2G, FF, etc.).  With nobody deleting records with the container fields, the entire subdirectory is vanishing.  I've looked for anything in the code which may cause the deletion.  No luck.  Has anyone seen something like this?  Any suggestions.  I'm thinking about moving to the external open storage model to see if the actual files get removed.


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