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    Finds in portals


      hi all,


      i have a new challange. I have a layout that has many portals in it, 8 to be exact, each portal in this layout represents a certain task in our production process and what I want to do is do a search for a peticular record and have each portal filter by that search to show me all the tasks that item is in can this be done?




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          I think this is the nature of the relationship and the portal. Just search for the corrdet parent record and the portals will show the appropriate related data only for that record. No extra work needed, unless you do not actually have the relationships set up properly.

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            yeah I think I need to add more details. My layout is based on my "project table" and the portals are based on my "assembly table" and what I want to do is do a find on an assembly number and return the results in all the portals that this assembly number is in. I have attached a screen shot. what I am hoping to do is do a find on "p100" and filter all the portals to show me only the portals this "p100" is in