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Standby server communication issues

Question asked by alan.kirtlink on Mar 31, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2016 by tsplatypus

I am having communication issues between my primary and standby servers.


Both machines have the following config:

FileMaker Server

Windows Server 2012

12 GB of RAM

SSL with a custom cert

Firewall disabled


I am able to run "fmsadmin standby connect" from the primary server, connect to the standby and receive my connection code.  I enter the code on the standby and it is accepted.  When I go back to the primary, hit enter and receive the "Initiating standby connection..." message the primary stops responding.


Going to the standby server and running "fmsadmin standby status" returns "Error: 10502 (Host Unreachable)".


If I close the command prompt on the primary and restart the FileMaker Server service and run "fmsadmin standby status" on either machine everything reports correctly and I see that updates are being sent.


If I try to perform a switchover to the standby server from the primary it hangs again.


After restarting the FileMaker services on both machines it appears as if the switchover was successful and the former secondary now reports as my primary.


Switching back results in another hang, but after restarting services again my original primary is the primary again.


Running the "fmsadmin standby disconnect" command from the primary server results in a freeze and when checking standby status from the standby server I get "Error: 10502 (Host Unreachable)".  After restarting the FileMaker service on both machines they appear to have disconnected properly.


Anyone have any ideas?