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    items in check-box list


      Hi,  I'm pretty new to Filemaker.


      I have a check box list in my proposal table called exclusions.  It is a list of the most common exclusions to be listed on a formal proposal to a customer.


      I would like to have the checked boxes print in my layout showing just the items excluded for this proposal - which I have done with a drop down list.  It will only choose the items checked.  Unfortunately, it displays as a list, and I would prefer to have it in paragraph form, each checked box separated by a comma.  Is there an easy way to do this?



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          It's easy to get the desired result; the checked items are stored as a return-separated list, so to get them comma-separated, you only need to substitute the return character with a comma:


          Substitute ( yourField ; Char(13) ; ", " )


          Question is where to put this calculation. In olden times you'd have to create an extra calculation field; nowadays (meaning FM 14), you could add a button bar with only one (1) segment to your layout and use the above as label calculation. Format the segment as desired.

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            Thank you,  this worked.


            I ended up using two separate fields, one to choose items in a checkbox.  then using a calculation field to display the exclusions for the selected items in a comma separated format