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VoIP connection to FileMaker?

Question asked by GoogleMac on Mar 31, 2016

I have been looking to find a more integrated caller ID system for our phones. We currently use a hard line into the system which only brings the number in, and then FileMaker recognizes the number and shows the customer in a recent calls list. It can only do this for line 1 though, meaning- if any other people call while the first caller is still on, their information has to be searched for manually.


I figured the best way to solve this is by using a VoIP system so I can forget about the hard phone line and pull the information straight from the internet. I have found a few plugins, but they require specifics that I don't have. The closest one I have found to what I need is Phone Companion (24U Phone Companion), but it isn't VoIP. It has a specific feature I like, which is showing the number that was called, not just the number of the caller. We have multiple numbers for different areas of our company, so we would like the system to identify which number was called. Then FileMaker can pull up the name associated with that business phone number.


Can anyone think of a solution to this? Thanks.