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    Cumulative %


      I have a % field. I want to have another field showing the cumulative %, effectively recalculating the average of the % field with each added record. Seems an easy ask but I haven't fallen over how to do it yet!

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          Take a look at this example file. You can manage this using the Average() function and also using a Summary field. Remember percents are still just numbers. Weighted averages are available for Summary fields.


          The PercentAvg layout show the use in a portal with related records and the ListView layout shows using a list with sub summaries for the different parent records in this case.

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            Thanks. I was thinking more of having a cumulative field so that you can see the effect of each new record % on the cumulative %.


            BTW, I could only login as Guest, so I couldn't dissect the calcs/field types.

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              I think you want a summary field “Total (running)" and calculate the respective % from that value:


              value / totalValueRunning * 100

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                The running total gives the total of those records up to that point, not a cumulative total for each new record. I need to ponder this; it should be easy!

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                  tays01s wrote:

                  The running total gives the total of those records up to that point, not a cumulative total for each new record

                  Please explain the difference.

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                    I'm not sure if you are looking for average percentages or cumulative percentages, but the attached shows both. The cumulative numbers are obtained by a relationship of your ID field > ID field. The adjusted number 1 takes the sum of the previous number 1's based on the relationship and adds the current number 1. Same for adjusted number 2. The cumulative percentage is adjusted number 1 / adjusted number 2. The summary fields in the header are just averages of the 2 percent fields.


                    Al Quimby

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                      The guest account should have full access.

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                        Allen, that solves the initial problem. But the 'Cumulative 2' TO in my solution will also have to limit records to those of the parent table to Cumulative. I'd thought having a Parent::ID = Cumulative::_parentFK or Cumulative::_parentFK = Cumulative 2::_parentFK as a 2nd criteria would correctly limit records, but neither does the trick.