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    Christopher Manton

    Yousaf Shah

      With a heavy heart I wanted to share the news of the passing of Christopher Manton of Babelfix in the UK who died at home on Tuesday after battling cancer for some months. Chris is survived by his loving wife Maria and by a group of close friends who loved him dearly. I am sure that you will join me in expressing every sympathy for their loss.


      On a work level, Chris was a very sincere, hard-working and talented developer who worked both in the US and in the UK during his FileMaker career. He was a long time FileMaker evangelist, a former US Devcon speaker, regular contributor to the UK FBA and Technet meetings and FBA Platinum Partner. Those of you who knew Chris will know of his passion for UI, design and for the plight of the humble user that solutions are built for. He had an empathy for the user which allowed him to see complex problems through their eyes and an expertise which allowed him to deliver solutions that packed an enormous power into a very simple interface, something we all aspire to. Indeed for most developers, myself included, one look at a 'Manton' solution was enough to have one in a mixed state of awe, admiration as well as pitiful embarrassment at how feeble their own attempts at building a business system were.

      On a personal level, Chris was one of life's true gentlemen. Supremely honest, passionate about a variety of subjects and superb company on any occasion. He had an extraordinary way with words which you could not help but be charmed by and a humorous warmth which placed you instantly at ease. He had a generosity and built in drive to 'do the right thing' in any given situation and he always knew what the right thing to do was - he humbled us all.


      Despite this he was also a very modest and private man, indeed he kept news of his illness to all but a few and I appreciate that for many this will come as a bit of a shock. In accordance with his wishes there will be a very simple family funeral and at a suitable time in the future, a memorial of some kind to celebrate his life and achievements.

      Sad as I am today I am proud to have had Chris as a good friend and will miss him tremendously, more than I can say at this time. I have many fond memories of Chris as I am sure a great many of you will also so feel free to share them here. I will make sure Maria his wife sees these messages. I enclose a picture of Chris for you to remember him by.



      Chris 3.jpg

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          Oh no!



          Yousaf Shah wrote:


          Chris was one of life's true gentlemen.


          Yes he was.  I had the pleasure of spending some time with Chris at various devcons but even better on some of my frequent visits to London while I was working on a project there.


          He will be missed and very much remembered.


          Rest in peace, Chris.

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            I saw Chris speak at DevCon a couple of times and enjoyed and learned from seeing him speak. Very sad to hear of his passing.

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              I am so sorry to hear that. I had the pleasure of meeting Chris when I went to London many years ago to give a presentation on the virtual list technique. I enjoyed running into him at Devcon.

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                I read the subject line of your email with a suddenly sinking heart. But what a wonderful eulogy you wrote for him. It will surely soften the blow for others, as it did for me.


                Chris was indeed superb company. I treasure the few hours I got to spend with him over the past DevCons. I always enjoyed seeing the two of you interact – the deep the regard between the two of you was obvious. I’m very sorry for your loss.


                And for the loss to our community. He was an inspirational developer and an unforgettable speaker. His family and friends are in my thoughts.






                Susan Prosser

                www.DBHQ.net <http://www.dbhq.net/>

                Co-author of O'Reilly Media's FileMaker Pro 14: The Missing Manual <http://www.amazon.com/FileMaker-Pro-14-Missing-Manual/dp/1491917482/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid%1432860232&sr=1-1&keywords=filemakerpro14>

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                  Thank you, Yousaf. Sad news. I got to meet him at DevCon, too. RIP Chris.



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                    He was wonderfully generous with his FileMaker insights but there was also a much greater depth that extended way beyond FMP.  I kept this piece of writing that he posted some years ago - it's very special and worth a read if you have a few minutes.

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                      Thank you so much for that Mardi.

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                        As a relative newcomer to the UK developer community, Chris was a warm and generous part of the more seasoned group of Technet members who did much to support, encourage and challenge my own work and exploration.

                        His dry and witty contributions to our meetings and subsequent conversations were a joy to someone who revels in the beauty of the understated precision of the English language.

                        We shared common past technical experiences in the world of recording, and a love of interface as method of delivering improvements to customers. Much more though, was a mischievous fun when exploring deep technical topics at the fringes of our FileMaker understanding, and a sense of mutual respect that developed from sharing presentations at those meetings. With an accuracy of eye and clarity of insight Chris frequently pointed to where there was more to learn, but was intrigued and interested in areas where he recognised others skill and expertise. Communications that started 'John, you will understand this...' will remain treasured memories.


                        His wicked sense of the absurd will be missed greatly, as will his example.

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                          Chris was one of the first presenters at my initial UK Technet meeting many moons ago. He commanded a certain respect with his soft words that held much meaning and weight. He wanted all FileMaker developers to improve their solutions and was more than happy to give his time and knowledge.


                          Due to our mutual passion for design, I learnt much from him and he was kind and generous with his time where we would meet at his favourite wine bar in Shepherds Bush to share a bottle of red and discuss our further education in UI and UX.


                          I shall miss that glint in his eye and his great sense of humour.

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                            Very sad news. It was a pleasure to be part of a small team with Chris that organised PauseOnError London a few years back and I spent many hours in his company at Devcon & UK Technet meetings.  I can only re-iterate what Yousaf said about his work - his attention to detail was incredible & a 'Manton' system always looked amazing.


                            Any presentation that Chris did was always worth paying attention to.  He always pretended that he wasn't very clever and would explain things in simple terms that 'even he could understand' but behind that was a very clever man capable of achieving great things.


                            It was always a pleasure to be in Chris’s company.  His wit and self-deprecating humour will live long in the memory. He was a gentleman of the community & will be missed.



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                              So sad to hear this news...

                              I knew Chris from a very long time ago and he was a wonderful person.


                              He will be greatly missed and I wish his family a long life.



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                                Thank you for posting, Yousaf.


                                Chris was indeed a true gentleman. We had in common that we went to the same school and would rib each other about this when we met at various functions.


                                I am sad to hear of his passing - he will indeed be missed. My condolences to his family.


                                John Buckingham

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                                  Chris was a great guy and an excellent developer. He will be missed dearly by everyone who knew him. RIP Chris.


                                  yousafshah, I can only imagine how painful for you to loose a close friend. Thank you for you post.



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                                    Yousaf Shah

                                    Thank you Susan, very kind words indeed. Yousaf

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